Michael Newman’s latest ‘e-Wealth Daily’ article is titled “The Enjoyable Working Retirement”. [‘Building a Business’ Article]

Michael Newman’s latest ‘e-Wealth Daily’ article:

The Enjoyable Working Retirement

At some point in your life, the alarm will stop buzzing at 6:15 in the morning and you won’t have to drag yourself out of bed to relive yesterday. You won’t have to battle rush hour traffic and then go spend eight to 12 hours doing something you don’t really like, for someone you don’t really like. It’s called retirement…and, apparently, it’s decent.

It can be easy to spend those long days at work fantasizing about doing something else. Things like playing golf, talking to friends or flying a jet have much more appeal. After all, one of these might be your hobby. Well, the reality is that all these things are available as part-time employment opportunities once you’ve decided to cash your last check from your full-time employer.

Golf courses are always looking for marshals, starters and people to work in the pro shop on a part-time basis. In fact, the next time you’re on a course, pay attention to the people who
hold those positions and you’ll realize they’re slightly more seasoned than you may have thought! Even if golf isn’t your thing, it’s still just an example of the kind of opportunities that
are out there for retirees who want to spend more time around the things they love while collecting a check to help them make ends meet.

Teaching classes, joining groups or getting involved in new ventures are all things that can bring enjoyment and cash into the life of a retired person. Of course, you may be saying to yourself, “Heck when I retire I don’t want to do anything. I just want to sit around and take it easy. After all, I’ve earned it.” Hey, if that’s your attitude, all the more power to you. But some people just can’t sit still for that long and need to get up, get out and do something.

Retirement shouldn’t be something you just get up and decide to do one day. To make it work so you can enjoy it to its fullest, you must plan your life after full-time work very carefully.

Start thinking about and planning out your retirement a minimum of three to five years before it’s actually time to hand in your resignation.

The best way to concoct your plan is to picture the life you want to live, and then figure out how you plan to fund it. If you can get by on your savings, pension and social security, then that’s great news. However, most people will have to take on some form of part-time work to live the happy, retired life they’ve been dreaming of. Look for jobs that let you use your skills or provide enjoyment. This way, you can get positioned in your dream job to earn that extra bit of cash to put you at ease in retirement.

Start doing your research now, so you can live out the rest of your life the way you’ve always wanted!

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