In his latest email Ken McCarthy talks on “No UK System This Year – and Here’s Why” [‘System Seminar 2010’]

In his latest email Ken McCarthy talks on “No UK System This Year – and Here’s Why”.

Ken says , “Last year I brought the best of System 2009 to the UK.

It was a great experience for all concerned: the attendees,the faculty and for me too.

It’s something that I was very much looking forward to doing again this year with a highlights version of System 2010 this fall.

Unfortunately, as some of you may already know, I have a minor but disruptive health problem in the form of an injured knee which makes elaborate travel difficult to the point of not being fun.

So regretfully I have to announce there will be no System Intensive in the UK in 2010.

Therefore the only way to get the material we covered in System 2010 will be to get this year’s recordings.

I bring this up because this year’s System covered some absolutely essential material that every active Internet marketer needs to know.

#1. Major search marketing shake up

A huge portion of what’s taught as sound search marketing strategy is either wrong or outdated.

The System 2010 sessions on search marketing are absolutely essential if you depend on search for your profits.

#2. Exploding new traffic sources

The world of paid traffic opportunities is exploding. In fact,one colleague, Jonathan Mizel, says “The opportunities for people who know what they’re doing in the traffic buying arena are as good or even better than they have ever been including the period right after the crash.”

#3. The best conversion faculty ever

This year I brought together for the first time two of the most advanced and accomplished direct marketing copywriters on earth, Drayton Bird and Bob Bly.

Together, they have over eighty years of high level ad writing experience.

Whatever business you’re in, these two seasoned pros shared strategies and tactics that will not only increase your sales but have the potential to transform your business from top to bottom.

Internet marketing is going through a major transformation on many fronts.

As we often do, we identified the big changes, recruited the best experts, and brought them together under one roof for our comprehensive learning experience you won’t find anywhere else at any price.

I’d love to be coming to the UK this year to bring this material to you personally, but it’s just not possible.

If you are active in and serious about Internet marketing I urge you to get this material and work your way through it.

It will not only give you a fantastic competitive advantage, it may also trigger a huge improvement in the results you get from everything you do.

Details about the System 20010 DVD/CDs:



P.S. The deadline for the special pre-publication price for the 2010 recordings is Friday, July 2. There will be a substantial price increase after this.

Ken McCarthy
The System Seminar

[email with the subject:No UK System This Year – and Here’s Why”.]

*IMNewsWatch would like to thank Ken McCarthy for granting permission to reprint this email.

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