Brad Callen has launched the ‘SEOLinkVine’ system. Brad’s latest email is reprinted inside. [Brad Callen’s ‘SEOLinkVine’]

Brad Callen has launched the ‘SEOLinkVine’ system.

Brad’s latest email is reprinted here.

SEOLinkVine is LIVE! Officially open…

Hey Mike, today’s the day! opens up to the public at exactly 12:00 noon ET… AND the first 25 customers also get a free copy of a product that I have sold for $997. You’ll get instant access to this “first mover’s bonus” if you’re one of the first 25 to claim your SEOLinkVine account.

As you probably already know, we opened SEOLinkVine up for, what ended up being only 15 minutes, as we opened the doors to a limited 100 users. (We did this to make sure that the system would hold up when we opened it publicly)

This is the same system that helped me get, now over 63,000 backlinks to one of our fitness related websites.

Screenshot here: (I just took this while writing this email)

You can imagine what that many links will do for a site’s rankings in Google, Yahoo, and Bing 🙂

The more quality, one-way links you can get, the higher you will rank in Google.

SEOLinkVine is the fastest and easiest way to get quality, one-way links in a completely white hat, longterm way.


I won’t beat around the bush any longer with this email, as I’ve been sending you free SEO videos and various other emails about SEOLinkVine over the course of the last 3 weeks, so I’m sure you already know just how powerful it is.

You can get access to SEOLinkVine here at 12:00, noon ET today (Tuesday, April 27th)

And remember, the first 25 customers get free access to a product that goes hand in hand with SEOLV, that I’ve sold for $997 to a select group of people in the past.


The first 25 customer limit will go FAST. I’m talking, under 3 minutes or so…

So, click the link above as soon as you can and if you read this email as soon as I sent it, you might sneak into that first 25 customers list.

Let’s show Google who’s boss! hehe… Have a GREAT Tuesday! 🙂

Talk soon!

Brad Callen
Bryxen Software, Inc.
P.S. Get access to SEOLinkVine and get massive, quality, one-way links here:

*IMNewswatch would like to thank Brad Callen for granting permission to reprint this email.

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