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I have been asked so many times if I offer coaching, I have decided to make my workshops global and custom designed to work one-on-one.

Many speakers, writers and marketers have asked me about how one creates a superb signature story. I now have a solution for you.

I have set up a new service where I will work with you over the telephone on your story. We will meet twice for forty five minutes each time. I will send you a form to guide you in creating your story before the first meeting to give us a start.

By the end of the second “story session” you will be set with your own unique signature story. The total cost for a helpful questionnaire, a storytelling Special Report and the two telephone sessions is only $97.

If interested, e-mail me at [email protected] with “My Signature Story” in the subject line. Or give me a call at (216) 991-8428

To find out all about the other programs, visit To find out more about what is included, e-mail Chris at [email protected]
(1) In the Throes of Designing or Having a Website Designed? Here Are a Couple of Tips

(2) Three Great No-Cost Resources to Help Your Speaking and Increase Your Marketing Savvy

(3) Excerpt from “SICK of Ideas that Don’t Work? Invest Only 20 Minutes a Week for SUCCESS”

(4) Ask Your Questions and/or Share Your Feedback and Resources

(1) In the Throes of Designing or Having a Website Designed? Here Are a Couple of Tips
Still on paper, plan your visitors’ journey through the website. From the usual starting point on the home page,decide where you want your visitors to go next and next and next. Make the path easy and obvious. Keep in mind that it is optimal if a visitor can access what he or she is
looking for in one or two clicks – three clicks at the most. A large site should include a comprehensive site map and/or search feature to make navigation simple.

Once you are pleased with the initial plan, design a simple prototype. This may be done on the computer with basic outlines and boxes to show the locations of logos, banners, navigational tools, margins, sections for text and graphics, tables and other inclusions. By moving and changing sizes and colors, you will achieve a pleasing and balanced layout.

For this and other Special Reports loaded with information

(2) Three Great No-Cost Resources to Help Your Speaking and Increase Your Marketing Savvy
I love reading good presentation tips, and just happened across two thoughtful and helpful articles this past week. The first appears in Seth Godin’s blog. He is one of my favorite writers and did not let me down. You will find his “Two Elements of a Great Presenter” at

The second article is written by James Duncan Davidson and addresses “Dear Speaker.” You will find it at

And the third resource, a no-cost 89-Page Report Titled “The Insider’s Guide To CPA Marketing Profits” What is CPA Marketing? You will find out here at:

(3) Excerpt from “SICK of Ideas that Don’t Work? Invest Only 20 Minutes a Week for SUCCESS”

Following Julia Child’s death, Time Magazine included a tribute to her, a cook for every woman and man. The author wrote about Julia Child’s INTENSITY saying that in her case, “brashness trumped snobbery” and Child used “spontaneity over correctness.”

It started me thinking about INTENSITY and how important an ingredient it becomes in all we do. In my fitness classes, I notice that the people who are realizing results are those same people who attack each session with INTENSITY. I even hear me saying, “Keep up your INTENSITY.” Why?

Because when we are INTENSE about what we are doing, we exude a special enthusiasm that turns others on and transcends boundaries (no snobbery for us). Yes, there were those who made fun of Julia Child, but, if it bothered her, you never knew it. She did bring a level of INTENSITY to cooking that others appreciated and wanted to try – and were able to try because she wasn’t a snob.

She introduced gourmet cooking to everyone – not just the elite. I just hope that others will think and say the same about me. “She was INTENSE, spontaneous, and a bit brash.
And certainly not a snob.”

What about you? Are you INTENSE about your passion and what you believe and do? Let me know how your honest level of INTENSITY makes your life a joy!

Note: You will find out all about this e-book at:

(4) Ask Your Questions and/or Share Your Feedback and Resources
I want this off-Wednesdays’ BONUS to be helpful and full of enlightening information that is useful to you. So, send me your questions. You can do this through e-mail or

A recent question about introductions:

Name: Sandra de Baydak, E-mail: [email protected] Question: I need to do an introduction for my presentation on Goals. Because it is a presentation at a city in India, I have to do an introduction for myself. How can I do the introduction correctly?

My answer: Thanks, Sandra, for your questions. Keep any introduction short, snappy and to the point. Tell mainly why you were chosen to give this presentation and what you are planning to tell them during it. I do have a no cost article on Introductions that you will find at

Another effective introduction that would establish rapport with your listeners would be to start with a story about you and how goals have been a help personally. This way they will get to know and enjoy you right away, along with getting interested in your topic.


Also, if you have some great resources you would recommend, let me know.

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