Elliot’s latest article is titled “Its Not All About 10k in 2 Days”. [Article]

Elliot’s latest article:

Its Not All About 10k in 2 Days

Internet marking sends you into a whirlwind of huge money making slogans like, “Earn 25k In Just 2 Hours”, “How I earned a million dollars overnight”, “I was homeless and still made 100k on a laptop”, ok that last one was pushing it a bit;), but you get the idea of what many a newbie internet marketer will come across at the very start, and also believe, I did!

But really now after a few months of my internet marketing journey, I’ve found it to be allot of hard work, and so far not allot in return, but like anything, internet marketing takes time, and if you are willing to put that time in then good things will happen, you have to look at it this way, as I said above its hard work and not allot in return at first, now your probably saying “why do it”?, my view is, for all this hard work I’ve done until now, i’m building assets that if they take off, I have a great opportunity to earn some money from, now you may work incredible hard at your day job too, but that is only going to get you maybe at most a pat on the back, but you will still earn the same.

It really is all about finding a passion you want to work with, you may have a great idea what that is, you may even have a product you want to promote and sell online, but even if you don’t, you can become an affiliate and sell other peoples products to your niche market making a commission, all you need to do is work at it, get your name and products out to the web, and eventually you could start to earn a nice amount of money from it, once you get good it will get easier for you too, who knows, maybe you could have your very own million dollar day!, that’s what I’m aiming for at least;).

If you do decide internet marketing is for you, and you do start to get frustrated that nothing is working, always remember you’re building assets for yourself, your building up businesses that could one day take off for you, and it also gives you something to channel your energy towards rather than just watch the TV!, their’s nothing on anyway;), so why not try and make something of yourself, and get away from the 9-5?.

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