Charlie Page’s latest ‘Real World Tactics’ Year 7 Issue 15 article is titled “What Makes People Buy?” [‘Real World Tactics’ Article]

Charlie Page’s latest ‘Real World Tactics’ article:

‘What Makes People Buy?’

by Charlie Page

It’s a fact – people are flawed, emotional, wonderful beings. Figuring out what makes people tick is part art, part science, part pure guessing game.

But what is NOT a guessing game is figuring out WHY people buy things online, and knowing THAT can help you sell more!

So if you want to sell more — read on!

It may surprise you to learn that people buy things online for TWO reasons. Yep … only two.

1. Promise of gain
2. Fear of loss

These are the big two motivators, so big that I call them Super Motivators and believe that all action comes from one of these two motivations.

Now don’t get me wrong – there are bunches of ways to get people to take action. You’ve seen them and might have used them.

But ultimately, ALL of the ways we use to get people to respond come down to this …

1. They want to GET something (promise of gain)

2. They want to AVOID losing something (fear of loss)

Sure, things like a low price or scarcity CAN make people move, but that will only work for a short time.

If you use these tactics you will forever have to hammer your visitors into action, offering more and more extreme discounts or unbelievable scarcity claims.

But if you tap into their SUPER Motivation then you can offer them what they ALREADY WANT, and that is more powerful than words can express.

Now you are not trying to convince but rather explaining how what you offer matches up to what they need.

Now you are no longer the pesky salesman trying to pick their pocket but a valuable vendor who is welcomed because your product helps them get what they want.

See the difference?

So how can you APPLY this to your business and make more sales?

Simple. In fact, I’ll share three ways to use this in your business right now.

===> ONE – Make Your Power List!

The first way to use Super Motivators is to know what your product offers to the people who buy it.

So you make a list – two lists in fact!

Make a list of all the things people GAIN when they buy what you offer.

It might be more money, more energy, better sleep, saving money, looking younger or more.

Now make a list of all the things people might LOSE if they don’t have your product.

Some things to list might be losing time, losing money, have fewer options in life or more.

There are MANY things that motivate people but when you begin to use SUPER motivators you see real action – you see people subscribing and buying in record numbers.

And that is what you want, isn’t it?

HINT: Ezine Advertising Live members got DOZENS of these examples!

===> TWO – Choose ONE Theme Per Ad

You’ve heard about “mixed messages” right? Mixed messages happen when people seem to be saying two contradictory things at once.

Mixed messages turn people off. They turn you off, I guarantee it.

When people hear mixed messages they instinctively know that the person talking is not credible, that something doesn’t “add up”.

And that means lost sales.

The way to fix this is simplicity itself.

Use ONE Super Motivator per ad.

That’s it!

If your ad is about how someone can accomplish something they want (start a business, get traffic, place ads) then make the entire ad about that motivator.

If your ad or web copy is about how someone can avoid losing something by ordering your product make the entire ad about that and really paint the picture of
what life will look, feel and even smell like if they lose what YOU can help them avoid losing.

It is VERY tempting to cram all the motivators you can into an ad in order to convey that your product REALLY does help people.

But don’t do that.

Instead choose ONE huge reason that people should buy your product and construct your ad around that theme.

Why? Because you have to say the same thing several times in an ad for it to be effective.

That’s a little-known secret to effective ad writing but it’s true.

Repetition is the mother of learning.

We don’t always “get it” on the first read.

Sometimes repeating things helps ingrain the idea in a person’s mind.

If your site is not openly and loudly talking about one or both of these Super Motivators then you ARE losing money right now!

Take time today to read your website as if you were a first time visitor. This might be hard, especially if you wrote the copy, but it is vital.

After you finish reading ask yourself this “What will I GAIN from owning this product or what will I LOSE if I don’t own it?”

Your answer might be surprising, and might just help you make MANY more sales, as it has for my clients.

So now you know these things …

1. There are two Super Motivators – Promise of Gain and Fear of Loss.

2. It is best to choose ONE theme per ad.

3. There are three ways to use this information today.

I hope this helps you have more powerful ads. Because truly powerful ads are a beautiful thing indeed!
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