Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero has released the latest issue of ‘Copywriting TNT’ newsletter Volume 6, Issue 31 article. The featured article is titled “5 Factors to Successfully Market to Women: The After Factor (5 of 5).” [eZine Article]

Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero’s ‘Copywriting TNT’ Newsletter Volume 6, Issue 31 article:

‘5 Factors to Successfully Market to Women: The Flirt Factor (5 of 5)’

Women are high value customers because once they join your brand (and are pleased) they are likely to keep spending their money with you. What’s more is women talk a lot to their friends. They talk about what they like and they talk about what they don’t like. Women are actually wired to talk. It’s a way of bonding in our communities.

In fact, women speak about 20,000 words per day, whereas men only speak 7000. In Dr. Louann Brizendine’s book, “The Female Brain” she mentions when women hear their own voices, a chemical is released in the brain similar to a heroin rush!

And check this out. Tom Peters writes in his book, Re-Imagine . . .

“A major stockbroker told me he has oriented his practice toward female clients – with great success. A research nut, he reports that his average male client recommends him to 2.6 others. On the other hand, his women clients recommend him to an average of 21 other people. Yes, that’s two-point-six versus twenty-one.”

Women are extremely loyal in who they do business with. Not only that they tell EVERYONE about their experiences. Good or bad. If they’re happy, they tell. If they’re unhappy, they tell even more! So you definitely want to keep your female customers smiling.

For example, I drive completely out of my way plus pay top dollar to have my dog Shadow groomed at Sam’s Grooming. (He’s a sweet Border Collie/Chow mix). Before Shadow, I took my Springer Spaniel, Riley, to the same place. So we’ve been going to Sam’s since 1991. Why? Because I have a relationship with him. He knows me. He knows my family. He knows my dog. So he gets our business, hands down.Shadow

So how can you invoke the Rave Factor in your customers? One way is to ask them if they have a friend who would enjoy what you offer. Or better yet, give her a discount for bringing you business. Heck, give her friend a discount too.

Try sending her a free gift or a card unexpectedly. One of my subscribers sent me a card with a picture of my horse on it. (He downloaded it from Facebook.) I was so impressed. Now I always watch what he’s doing in his business.

You can also make her famous by highlighting something about her in your blog or ezine. We all like acknowledgment.

And be sure to collect those testimonials while they’re hot! Nothing says how good you are like someone else doing the bragging!

There are so many ways to keep the Rave Factor alive . . . you just have to work it into your marketing system effortlessly.

So again the FIVE FACTORs are:

The FLIRT Factor + The TRUST Factor + The CLOSE Factor + The AFTER Factor + The RAVE Factor = The SHE Factor

Remember the Five Factors of *The She Factor* Marketing System not only get HER attention, but they also ENHANCE your relationship to your male prospects. Learning and using these five qualities will make your marketing much stronger without having to invest more money in what you already have.

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