Eric Gruber’s latest article is titled “Profitable Article Marketing Strategies: 5 Ways to Build Trust Online with Article Marketing”. [Article]

Eric Gruber’s latest article:

Profitable Article Marketing Strategies: 5 Ways to Build Trust Online with Article Marketing

Article marketing has many perks and benefits. We can communicate with people on a global scale. We can reach many targeted customers very easily. And we have the added bonus of showing our readers that we’re experts in our niches. This builds customer confidence.

But one of the challenges of marketing our businesses online is figuring out how to reach through the cold, mechanical computer screen and make a real human connection. Remember, people want to do business with people they trust.

So, what can you do with your articles to establish trust online with people you may never see or meet in real life?

5 Ways to Build Trust & Win Customer Confidence with Article Marketing

1) Don’t stop writing.

You can’t submit one or two articles and then expect to be regarded as an expert in your niche. It is the accumulation of repeated positive experiences with you that makes a lasting impact. As you’re doing your article marketing, you should regard each article as a way to grow your relationships with prospects and clients. Decide on an article submission schedule that you think you can consistently complete long term. Once a month is a good goal.

2) Show readers that you’re worthy of trust.

To build trust online, you want to show authenticity. So, before you write one word, think how you want to come across as a person. The more you’re willing to let your guard down and portray yourself as a real person, the more you’ll be rewarded.

3) Connect with readers by showing them that you started out just like them.

Remember, most people buy on emotional impulses and not on logical, intellectual decisions. That’s why during my speeches to large Internet marketing conferences and in my articles, I explain how I couldn’t find a job and how I put my parents into debt as they tried helping me pay my bills. I explain how I even had to ask my grandparents for money. And I talk about the mistakes I made.

After the connection is made, then I show my audience how I’ve become an article marketing success. When you show readers that you started out just like them, you will build an instant connection and you will give them hope. This will make it a whole lot easier for them to buy your products or services.

4) Show your results.

You have to give readers a reason to believe your advice. So quantify your results as much as possible and proudly show them. For example, you can end our article like this way:

“By following my advice above, Marketing Expert Scott Glatstein went from just 8 links on Google to more than 2000 links in just one month. His website traffic quadrupled from year ago levels. After the second month of doing article submissions, his traffic increased another ten percent to set a new 5-year high water mark on web traffic.

5) Realize the huge impact recommendations bring.

When we write articles, we’re trying to make connections with people who we may never meet or talk to in person. It’s natural for anyone looking at information on the Internet to think, “Hmmm, can I trust this?” This is why third party recommendations pack a punch, especially if you’re trying to promote a book, product or service.

For example, here’s a bio box we created for “America’s greatest sales and marketing executive” Chet Holmes…

Jay Levinson of Guerilla Marketing says, “Business Growth Expert, Chet Holmes has the best ideas you will ever hear on super-fast business growth. To learn his top four incredible concepts that will double your sales in the next twelve months, watch his live videos for free at: . It will take only five minutes to learn.

Article Marketing Success You Can Experience and Enjoy If You Follow My Advice

By following my advice:

* Distribution Industry Technology Expert Dani Kaplan had his best year of business in 27 years of business.

* Lesley Mattos tripled her website traffic

* Kevin Berchelmann, CEO of Triangle Performance acquired a new mid-5 figure client

That’s just a small sampling. Many more results can be found at my website at You, too, can experience these article marketing successes if you follow my article marketing system.

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