Chris King’s latest ‘Your Internet Tips E-Zine’ article is titled “Do You Use Social Networking for Marketing (and Fun, too)?”. [Newsletter Reprint]

Chris King’s latest ‘Your Internet Tips E-Zine’ article:


Do You Use Social Networking for Marketing (and Fun, too)?

With this issue of the Internet Tips E-zine, I am suggesting that all of you participate in the latest trend – Web 2.0 Social Networking. I’ll be totally upfront with you. Four weeks ago I could count my contacts and friends on one hand. As of this writing, I now have 359 active friends on Facebook, 50 contacts on LinkedIn and 27 connections on Plaxo Plus.

What spurred me – a social networking skeptic – to work on getting involved? Recently, being enamored with network marketing , I became involved with a terrific Internet marketing training group. The great part about this training is that it doesn’t matter whether or not you are involved with network marketing. You may just want to attract prospective clients. To find out more about Renegade University click HERE.

Note: I signed up for the Professional program which goes into a step-by-step method. Part of the Social Bookmarking training urged us to become active socially on Facebook to begin with. Part of that was to work on building a large friend network. I still have a lot to learn, but want to share some of what I have learned on this new adventure. Warning: the TIPS I will be sharing are the opinions I have formed and are not necessarily set in stone or universal.

TIP #1. Have an Open Mind When Getting Involved.
As I have already mentioned, I was quite skeptical about Facebook. A bright Internet woman colleague and member of a master mind group to which I belong started raving about Facebook. I admit that I thought to myself that she was wasting her time. Isn’t that just a group for youngsters? Not so. I have met a large number of great and interesting people from all over the world. Many have similar interests and others have new and different ideas. I have found that all are friendly and offer to be helpful.

TIP #2. Take the Time to Send a Message.
Every time I am notified of a new friend, I always thank them and tell them how “delighted I am that we are now friends.” I have found that it usually opens a dialogue (which I feel is important to answer ““ even with just a few words). It also helps to make a comment on a photo or profile information. We will see, but I do feel that all this interaction will result in relationship building for the future.

TIP #3. Join Groups When Invited.
There are many great groups and depending upon your interests, I suggest joining most. You can participate as much as you choose to. I have already learned a huge amount and have even started a “Portfolio Career” group myself. The only groups I have chosen not to join are those where I have no interests at all, and there aren’t many of those.

TIP #4. Be an Active Participant, (but choose the extras with care).
There are so many choices of extras ““ gifts, karma, walls to write upon, cards, millions, games, etc. ““ it is easy to laugh and get carried away. I have decided that this is one of many networks that I can’t overspend time on ““ as valuable as I feel it is. I found the page where you can remove the extras you don’t want. It is called “Edit My Applications.” Cuts down on being asked continually.

TIP #5. Even Though I Just Warned Against Overspending of Time, Be Genuinely Interested
When I do have a few extra minutes, I use them to check out profiles and also visit interesting sounding websites and blogs. This has lead me to a whole new Internet world.

EXTRA TIPS from a Beginner (Me!)

* Do include a Photo. It helps to know what one looks like and also serves as an ice breaker.
* If You Click on “HOME” you will land on the News Feed Page and learn a plethora of facts about your group of friends.
* Decide to have FUN with this Social Networking and do watch for updates from me about my experiences.

As usual, I have just scraped the surface and hope that you will try it, and like it too!

Have a terrific and productive month!

Do send your comments and questions to me at chris AT creativekeys DOT biz. I love to receive feedback and will answer your questions in future e-zines.

 Chris King

Chris King of Creative Keys is a professional website creator / designer, storyteller, writer, free agent, and fitness instructor. You will find her business website at, her information website at and her blog at

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