Sam Knoll’s latest blog post is titled “The greatest 4 sentence definition of Marketing”. [Blog]

Sam Knoll’s latest blog post:

The greatest 4 sentence definition of Marketing

San says, “I just made a new post to my blog that includes the clearest 4 sentence definition (supplied by one of my true mentors and best friends) of “Marketing” I have ever heard.

This is a quick read that although short, can change the way you do business and live much or your life if you take it to heart.

Now, I must say, that you cannot just read this and then continue on hoping for some magic to occur. This is wisdom that you have to ingest, understand, and then adopt on a truly deep level.

This is the sort of stuff I love learning and love making a part of the way I “Go”.

Read and enjoy on me.

Onward and Upward!”

The greatest 4 sentence definition of Marketing

*This news post was submitted by Sam Knoll.

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