Charles Heflin’s 26-page free report ‘The Social Marketing Blueprint Formula’ provides a step-by-step plan to create a blue print for getting traffic from social bookmarking sites. [‘The Social Marketing Blueprint Formula’ Download]

Charles Heflin’s 26-page free report is titled:

The Social Marketing Blueprint Formula

Charles says, “The report above introduces a formula for neatly categorizing all of the various functions of thousands of social networks into an easy to understand system (formula) that (when implemented to create a blueprint) will yield an exponential traffic effect.

In other words, by using the social networks in a systematic (and planned) way, you achieve a significant amount of traffic leverage on the back end for a little bit of effort on the front end”.

Editorial Review: By Laurie Mead

“Charles Heflin proposes to teach you how to create your own personalized blueprint for creating traffic and sales to your website using social bookmarking sites. His goal is to give you a system that allows you to get full advantage of the social networking sites with the least amount of effort based on a plan developed just for your purposes”.

‘The Social Marketing Blueprint Formula’ Download

SEO2020: Social Marketing Formula Report Details

The report is in PDF format. You will need Adobe Acrobat to read this report. Download a Free Acrobat Reader

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