Joshua D. Shafran has launched ‘7 Secrets And 30 Lazy Days’. According to Joshua, ‘7 Secrets & 30 Lazy Days’ is a step-by-step blueprint for creating revenue streams on the Internet. [7 Secrets And 30 Lazy Days]

Joshua D. Shafran has launched ‘7 Secrets And 30 Lazy Days’.

‘7 Secrets And 30 Lazy Days’ Sales Letter

‘7 Secrets And 30 Lazy Days’ sales letter title:

Don’t Be A “Bob” And Get Fooled By Headlines…

Insert the catchy red lettered headline here

Just make sure it’s overhyped, exaggerated, and too-good-to-be-true enough to sucker ’em in!

Features and Benefits

Joshua D. Shafran says, “Inside your step-by-step 7 Secrets & 30 Lazy Days ONLINE Video and Blueprint package you will discover:

– The real secret behind how I made $7,520.00 in less than 90 minutes flat. (It’s not what you think. Hint: I call it my “backwards up approach,” because it’s the exact opposite of what almost everyone does.);

– How to tap the right technology that leverages your time and income quickly to thousands, tens of thousands, even millions from the comfort of home WITHOUT employees or major overhead;

– The secret of creating Internet profit models that practically fund and run themselves (How to quickly turn on your own online money machine… even if you have trouble booting up your computer!);

– The single most important online tool you must have working for you (Miss this and your chance of success will plummet to about a million to one, even if you do everything else perfectly);

– How to set up your website so it practically forces people to open their wallets and give you money (Almost nobody even knows this one and I doubt there are 10 people alive today that know it, use it, and can teach you how to tap its power for yourself like I do on the online interactive DVD.);

– The RIGHT way to generate online income and what you should NEVER try (Hint: this is the exact OPPOSITE of all the hair-brained ways almost everyone else teaches);

– A simple ‘double incentive” method that when used properly drives traffic to your website for nothing — yet will generate money for you better than any paid method you can possible do;

– How to put the magic of the ‘”D.O.D.”.” method to work for you creating instant cash flow; and,

– The mysterious direct marketing concept behind every winning online business in the universe that can hook you into an almost magical stream of cash-flow! (This jealously-guarded tactic is the biggest reason for rapid success or failure, completely hidden from most people and impossible to just ‘stumble” across without being specifically schooled and mentored in its use and application.)

– Discover seven hyper-effective ways to enhance online business models, so you only do the work ONCE, but get paid for it again and again;

– Reveal how to dig your own 7-Secrets “well” that produces for you again and again and again (Unlike the oil-wells in Texas, yours will never run out unless you kill it. You get the exact step-by-step process to follow. Miss one step in the process and your profit model will most assuredly FAIL no matter what else you do);

– Show how to use “LTCV” to create a big business with such speed and frightening profitability it will leave your competition scratching their heads wondering how you managed to dominate them without going broke in the process;”

More features are listed on ‘7 Secrets And 30 Lazy Days’ Sales Letter.


The price of ‘7 Secrets And 30 Lazy Days’ is: $49.97


‘7 Secrets And 30 Lazy Days’ has a 8-week, 100% money-back guarantee.

‘7 Secrets And 30 Lazy Days’

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