Munya Chinongoza has released ‘Sneaky Cost Cutters Exposed’. According to Munya, the report contains 10 sneaky ways she uses to save on internet business costs. [Sneaky Cost Cutters Exposed Report]

Munya Chinongoza has released ‘Sneaky Cost Cutters Exposed’.

‘Sneaky Cost Cutters Exposed’ Sales Letter

‘Sneaky Cost Cutters Exposed’ sales letter title:

“Who Else Wants To Discover 10 Sneaky Ways To Save On Costs And Increase Your Internet Business Profits…”

Features and Benefits

Munya says, “I have to admit one or two of the tactics in the report are a little unconventional, but the important thing is they work.

– Easy way to save the extra $9.95 on your monthly Aweber fees.

– Get rid of Clickbank account set up fees and still have affiliates.

– A simple strategy that can save you on web hosting fees.

– How to get articles for your websites written for $5.62 or less.

– 2 super quick & easy ways to write your own ebook.

– 2 simple ways to save on your total adwords costs.

– Super sneaky tactic for super hot sales pulling sales copy.

– Profitable ‘ghetto’ rip off of butterfly marketing strategy.

– Where to get cheap high quality ecovers & mini site graphics.

– My secret source for $6.99 .COM domain names & discounts.”

More features are listed on ‘Sneaky Cost Cutters Exposed’ Sales Letter.


The price of ‘Sneaky Cost Cutters Exposed’ is: $3.99

‘Sneaky Cost Cutters Exposed’

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