Rick and Ron Davies have released the latest issue of ‘1st Promotion’ newsletter. The latest feature is titled “The Power Of Pro2 Revealed! PowerTip #2”. [Newsletter]

Rick and Ron Davies’ latest issue of ‘1st Promotion’ newsletter:


The Power Of Pro2 Revealed! PowerTip #2

You know, one of the nicest things about doing business on the web is the number of opportunities out there. Each of these opportunities have the potential to put money in your

Why just receive one check when you can receive 2, 3, 4 or even more checks from your online efforts.

Matter of fact, Pro2 members have the potential to receive over a dozen checks each and every month! Imagine how your lifestyle would change if you received 12 checks each month for $50.00, $100.00, $1,000 or even more!

Truth be known, Pro2 members are profiting daily on some of the TOP income opprtunities out there. All of these TOP performing programs are clearly displayed on YOUR Pro2 storefront with your affiliate program identities and usernames built right into the links!

These Top performing affiliate programs include:

* ClickBank – checks are sent twice a month!

* SFI – Strong Future International, (formerly Six Figure Income)

* MDI – Madison Dynamics

* IMC – by Corey Rudl

* 5 Pillar – Ken Evoy’s SiteSell Affiliate Program

* Wealthy Secrets – Carlos Garcia’s Famous Program

* JoePro – Learn How To Profit Online

* Push-Button Publishing – A real winner from Bryan Winter’s

* SlotLand

* Amazon

* Google AdSense

* Worlwide Brands – The Dropship Directory

* PayPal – 1stPromotion is the ONLY ClickBank Mall system that accepts PayPal AND ClickBank for the purchase of our system.

If you are already an affiliate of any of these programs, simply input your username and your storefront will automatically promote them for you with every visitor that views your site! How does it work? The banner ad on your storefront has your affiliate identity integrated right into it! . When someone joins or makes a purchase by clicking on your banner, you make the commissions!

Evert member has complete control over the content on their storefront too! 1stPromotion lets each member control which affiliate programs are displayed on their storefront and which ones aren’t!

If they don’t want to promote any one or more of these programs, they simply leave the membership box blank in our easy-to-use Member’s Area, and the banner doesn’t display on their storefront!

You can get all of the details on Pro2 right now by clicking on this link: http://www.clickbank.com/sell_products.html

Until next time, I wish you

Health, Happiness & Prosperity

Rick W Davies


Rick & Ron Davies

Rick Davies and his brother Ron, own and operate several work-at-home websites and affiliate products including www.1stPromotion.com and www.ProfitMart.com Both of the brothers are full-time work-at-home dads For more information on this and other articles, please contact the author at Rick [AT] 1stPromotion [DOT] com or visit the sites above.

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