Rick and Ron Davies have released the latest issue of ‘1st Promotion’ newsletter. The latest feature is titled “The Power Of Pro2 Revealed”. [Newsletter]

Rick and Ron Davies’ latest issue of ‘1st Promotion’ newsletter:


The Power Of Pro2 Revealed

On behalf of my brother Ron and myself, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the our newest online series entitled “The Power Of Pro2 Revealed”

If you want to make money on the web AND be given the opportunity to learn a little more each day, 1stPromotion can help.

You see, when you succeed, we succeed. Why? Because when we give you the confidence to get out there and effectively and ethically market your site, you sell our product. When you sell 1stPromotion, we both profit.

Let us help you build an online business as well as help you to put more money in the bank.

You can either save these emails in the electronic format perhaps in your Inbox of your email program or you can do what I do with important emails like these.

I would create a folder in my email program specifically 1stPromotion mailings. Not only do I save all of the electronic copies on my pc, I like to print them out and sit and relax in my LazyBoy recliner and read them. Sometimes i will read them for a few minutes as I relax in bed after a busy day.

However you would like to do it is totally up to you. What is most important is that you do read this information. It is valuable information that when followed will make you money. We guarantee it!

Once you have read this series, either in part or in it’s entirity, you will be convinced that the 1stPromotion Integrated Income Program is THE most effective ClickBank money-making system out there anywhere.

If you can find a single more powerful, more effective ClickBank money-making system out there, show it to me and I will gladly pay you double your money back!

1stPromotion isn’t the product of some hyped-up marketer that gets in and out of the same old dirty bath water as the next one. We are like you everyday people from real working backgrounds. I am retired from the Air Force after 24 plus years of service to my country.

Anything that we recommend to our members I recommend because it works. Anything that doesn’t work, well we won’t recommend. If you email me and ask me, I’ll tell you what does work, and what doesn’t work, and we’ll tell you in terms that you understand.

Ron and I developed the very first true ClickBank search utilities that actually polls ClickBank’s database for up to date and accurate listings. Our plug-ins are still the best out there.

Matter of fact, everyone’s favorite person at ClickBank, Jennifer J., their V.P. of Customer And Client Services stated that 1stPromotion offers “serious tools for serious ClickBank affiliates”


Find out more about 1stPromotion here: http://1stpromotion.com/start?promo=

Until next time, I wish you

Health, Happiness & Prosperity

Rick W Davies


Rick & Ron Davies

Rick Davies and his brother Ron, own and operate several work-at-home websites and affiliate products including www.1stPromotion.com and www.ProfitMart.com Both of the brothers are full-time work-at-home dads For more information on this and other articles, please contact the author at Rick [AT] 1stPromotion [DOT] com or visit the sites above.

*IMNewswatch would like to thank Rick & Ron Davies for granting permission to reprint the latest lessons.

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