Rick and Ron davies have released the latest issue of ‘1st Promotion’ newsletter. The latest feature is titled “You’re a ClickBank Guru”. strong>[Newsletter]

Rick and Ron davies have released the latest issue of ‘1st Promotion’ newsletter. The latest feature is titled “You’re a ClickBank Guru” is reprinted here.


You’re a ClickBank Scholar!

Are you a total ClickBank Guru? Maybe not quite yet, but you are well on your way to earning a reliable income on the web. It is possible, it is do-able. Many regular people do it, you can too!

If you need help at any time, drop me a line at 1-888-848-7885 #0 and I will do my very best to help.

We have given you a few of the tools you’ll need to succeed with ClickBank. The choice is now up to you. You can decide to act on the lessons and information we have presented, or you can ignore it.


As far as I know, there are no “flukes” or “success by accident” on the web. The secret to success on the web is, and always will be knowledge and action.

This is a proud moment for you. Graduation day. You’ve out-accomplished many by sticking through to the end of the initial guru series. You are now ready to forge ahead into new territory.

Step outside your comfort zone. We have put so many tools at your disposal that you are not heading into the dark unknown, you are being lead to success.

Put the ClickBank Guru series to work for you! Use it to your advantage. Every day we have affiliates that make their very first sale on the web.

Every day we have affiliates that continue to see their dreams of an honest to goodness, verifiable income actually come true for them.

Many of them are seeing the first revenue they have EVER earned from the Internet! Now it is your turn to take these tools to lead others to take that first step toward success on the web.Nope, you aren’t a subject matter expert yet, BUT… you have a building block of knowledge to work on now.

Becoming one of our members will accelerate the process exponentially, as you’ll be availed of so many marketing tools, including personal assistance if you need it.

The tools we have put together for you coupled with the ease of ClickBank will make your web business the simplest possible. Of course, the more active an approach you take with your business, the more substantial your success is likely to be.

Here’s how it works:

When you become a member ( the one-time charge is for a LIFETIME membership), you can put all the tools in the member’s toolbox to work for YOU! Each one is fully customizable to YOUR IDENTITY and YOUR ClickBank nickname.

YOU earn all the commissions from referrals as well as from any of the products featured or referred to in the ClickBank Guru series.

AND you earn 100% of the commissions that you would normally earn with ClickBank. We don’t touch another cent. Your $79.00 membership fee is good for LIFE, with no maintenance fees or hidden charges.

You also receive our newsletter, all updates, features, and free software we develop at no extra cost.

Each new member receives two great manuals.

The first one is the User’s Guide that will show you how to quickly and easily set-up your PRO2 store and use the various functions. Read this in it’s entirety first and then start to set-up your
store using the instructions in the guide. It is very easy to use, even if this is your first web site.

The second manual is the Accelerated Income Guide that will show you how to start making money with your new business very quickly and how to sustain that income and increase it over the long-run.

I am always available to discuss specific marketing questions, and our Member’s Area is full of ads, banners and resources to assist you in marketing your site.

YOU earn commissions from all the products sold through YOUR site or search box, AND you earn 50% commissions on all 1stPromotion memberships that you refer the sale on.

That’s just 2 sales to cover your membership for LIFE!

Take note of what you are doing right now…. Right this very moment. Capture it. Remember it.
Mark it on a calendar, and put beside it:

Current Web Income = $________ per month

Now, jump ahead on the calendar and place a realistic income level on the 6 month anniversary of today’s date, say:

6 Month Web Income = $_______ per month

Be honest about the amount you put there. Remember, real income on the web takes work, and chances are the only people profiting on so-called “auto-pilot” systems are the actual pilots flying the program.

We hope to see you join us at 1stPromotion Pro. There are a LOT of very exciting developments
coming all the time, and we will do our best to keep you updated on them.

Now is the time to get started. The only difference between you and someone that is currently making money on the web is that they took the first step and took action.

Take that action now and rest assured that it comes with our no-questions asked 45-day 100%
Money-Back Guarantee!

Click this link to save $20.00 & Get Started with us TODAY!


We wish you all the very best of Success, Health, and Good Fortune, and thank you for reading the ClickBank Guru.

Rick & Ron Davies

Rick Davies and his brother Ron, own and operate several work-at-home websites and affiliate products including www.1stPromotion.com and www.ProfitMart.com Both of the brothers are full-time work-at-home dads For more information on this and other articles, please contact the author at Rick [AT] 1stPromotion [DOT] com or visit the sites above.

*IMNewswatch would like to thank Rick & Ron Davies for granting permission to reprint the latest lessons.

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