Rick & Ron Davies’ ‘ClickBank Affiliate Guru Series’ lesson titled “What Are Affiliates & Vendors?” is reprinted here. [ClickBank Affiliate Lesson]

Rick & Ron Davies’ ClickBank Affiliate Guru Series’ lesson is reprinted here.

What Are Affiliates & Vendors?

I really think you will enjoy the informal, layman’s terms we use. Let’s look at a few definitions;

Let’s start with the term: vendor

The dictionary defines a vendor as:

“someone who exchanges goods or services for money. One that sells or vends: a street vendor; a vendor of software products on the Web. Simply put, this is the seller of any number of goods of any possible type. From topsoil to cars, new homes to pets, the person doing the selling is the vendor. Traditionally, he/she is selling goods that they may or may not have produced or manufactured themselves.”

Now let’s look at the term: affiliate.

The dictionary defines affiliate as:

“anyone that has an agreement with a seller (vendor) to represent (sell ) his or her product within the terms that the seller has dictated in exchange for remuneration (payment) of some type, normally a percentage of the sale.”

Got it? Good, because that is the really exciting part of doing business on the web.

There are literally THOUSANDS of companies out there willing to PAY YOU to sell their products and services.

All you do is introduce people to a vendor’s product, and we’ll show you how to do that too!

The rate of commission paid to affiliates varies widely from vendor to vendor. I have seen vendors pay out from 3% all the way up to 75% or even higher.

In my experience, electronically delivered goods (intangible goods) such as ebooks, website memberships, etc., offer substantially higher commissions than hard goods (tangible goods).

This is largely due to the fact that there are lower associated costs with electronically delivered goods. (stores on computer or diskette, endless supply, no additional production costs etc.)

We’ll explain later how ClickBank and 1stPromotion make you an instant affiliate of approximately 5,400 vendors representing approximately 12,000 products!

And YOU can make commissions on ALL of them.

There are many affiliate-vendor opportunities out there through some very well known services. Some such as Commission Junction, Amazon, and 2Checkout deal with a mixed bag of goods, both tangible and intangible.

ClickBank stands alone as the #1 online provider of electronically delivered goods.

They deal solely with electronically deliverable products and services. That’s all they handle.

Nope, you can’t get a birdhouse or a backyard pond kit through ClickBank, but you could order plans on how to make your own.

As a matter of fact, ClickBank currently offers thousands of the hottest-selling products & services and pays each affiliate up to 75% commission on each and every one of them!

Now I know you are thinking, what is ClickBank’s interest in it?

Simple. It’s money.

For every financial transaction that is performed through ClickBank, they’re paid a percentage or minimum transaction fee. In my mind, it’s well worth the expense. By handling all financial transactions, just think of the headaches they take away from both the vendor and the affiliate.

Did You Know:

1stPromotion is the Perfect Marriage for You as an affiliate.

Through a single web page, not only do you instantly connect to ClickBank’s 5400 vendors and their 11,000 plus products, you can also profit from dozens of other affiliate programs – you have total control.

A few top-rated programs already built-in to your Pro2 site are:

* Strong Force International (aka Six Figure Income)

* Internet Marketing Center

* Ken Envoy’s 5 Pillar Program (SiteSell)

* Linden Method

* Native Remedies

* Push-Button Publishing

* Dropship Wholesalers; and many more!

You can also add and promote ANY other affiliate program and product that you wish to on you Pro2 store. This is YOUR store, and you have total control over the products and the content of your site.

Use the “Suggest A Product” or “Suggest A Program” links to add your favorite product or affiliate program right into our member’s product library and you could have thousands of other 1stPromotion store owners promoting it for you!

Now that is a beautiful opportunity!

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Rick & Ron Davies

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