Alan Bechtold has released the latest issue of ‘E-Wealth Report’ Newsletter. The featured article is titled “Step Into The Millionaire Mind”. [Newsletter]

Alan Bechtold has released the latest issue of ‘E-Wealth Report’ Newsletter.


Step Into The Millionaire Mind

I’ve been thinking a lot about my thinking lately. That might sound strange — but I mean I’ve been looking at the way my thought patterns work and pondering what they mean.

I blame Michael Penland’s Dare To Grow Rich program for this. His system for exploring and changing your way of thinking will certainly help you flip the switch from thoughts of scarcity and dependency to the confidence of a person who truly knows her intended goals and the path to reach them.

I saw my perfect future during that event. And I built a solid path to reaching it within a year.

I don’t know any other seminar that holds this power to literally supercharge your focus, attitude and confidence. Not to mention making great friends who will remain dear to me after sharing the experience.

It doesn’t get much better than that.

So — ever since that seminar, I started looking for the switch point. That changeover that occurred when my mind fully switched over to millionaire thinking.

This could be important to you. I knew it would be important to me.

That seminar helped me solidify goals and set a path much more daring than I had already intended for myself. I truly didn’t think I needed that kind of push — but I discovered that I did, as a result of that seminar.

It’s so good there is no way to adequately describe it without sounding hypey. I’ll tell you when the next one is scheduled so you can see for yourself.

Meanwhile, you can start right now. Become aware of the way you think. It’s not as simple as imagining. You can’t simply dream your way to wealth — but it does always start with a dream.

You must focus on a dream. It can be big — and it SHOULD be bigger than you think is possible. Visually put yourself there. Feel it. Imagine being there with all your senses.

This is the easy part. I hate to break it to you, but there’s more.

Now plot your way there. Do you want to achieve this dream — whatever it is — in one year? Less? There is no right or wrong answer. Set a date when you want it to happen and write it down. State your goal and the date you intend to reach it three times — out loud, preferably, but at least speak it clearly in your mind as you write it down.

This is where most “success formulas” stop. The notion is that you set up a vibration by sending your intentions to the universe and it will start working to provide you with whatever you need to accomplish your goal.

This is well and good. It works for me. But, as I wrote last week, I don’t believe it’s so much about actually ATTRACTING the things you need to accomplish a goal that happens. It’s more like, once you’ve put your goal firmly in your mind and make it FEEL real to you, inside, where it counts, you start NOTICING opportunities coming at you that were coming your way all along.

It’s just that, now, they’re more apparent to you because of your new-found focus.

So, really, it’s a matter of getting your mind accustomed to dreaming in a way that helps you REACH those dreams. Then, map out the path to achieve that dream.

Don’t worry about HOW you’ll make each step — just map out the steps you’ll need to take. Most people stop in their tracks when they see the steps and wonder “how will I do THAT?”

This is where the Law of Attention will assist you. Your newfound focus on your goals will SHOW you what you need because it’s always been there. Like the car you just purchased, then notice all the other cars just like it on the road all around you. They were there before. You just never noticed them before.

The mind has a limited capability to focus. You can MAKE it focus on what you want or let it just find things to focus on at random. FINDING things to focus your mind upon makes it work FOR you to build wealth.

I realize this is more esoterical than most of my discussions here, but I just had to get it out. Let me know what you think. Let’s start a discussion here. Write me at and let me know how you feel about millionaire thinking.

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I’ll be skipping a week for the Labor Day weekend next week. See you in two weeks!

Alan R. Bechtold

President/CEO BBS Press Service, Inc.

‘E-Wealth Report’ Newsletter

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