‘Read/WriteWeb’ latest blog post is titled “Web 2.0 Expo Wrapup”. [Blog]

‘Read/WriteWeb’ latest blog post is titled Web 2.0 Expo Wrapup.

An excerpt of the RSS feed is reprinted here.

Web 2.0 Expo Wrapup

Written by Richard MacManus

Just as it’s become the custom for Tim O’Reilly to open the Web 2.0 conference keynotes with a fireside chat with Jeff Bezos of Amazon.com, and then later for John Battelle to interview a Google exec (it used to be Sergey Brin, but now Eric Schmidt has taken over that task), it’s becoming Read/WriteWeb’s custom to do a conference wrap-up post.

Personally I do it mainly to get my own thoughts in order, because these conferences are very hectic and so it’s hard to think at a macro level while you’re in the ‘eye of the storm’. Read the complete post


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