Paul Schriner’s email is reprinted here.

OMS3 We look forward to bringing you tremendous info…

Paul says, “First of all, I want to tell you how pleased I am for the response the initial set of 13 process maps and bonuses have received, as it truly proves that we have a tremendous community of savvy business people willing to learn and improve their marketing, promotion and business skills on an ongoing and continuous basis.

In this email I wanted to outline a few additional bonus materials that you will be receiving over the course of the next several weeks, so that you are fully informed what happens next.

We are committed to delivering tremendous value to all of our customers, more strategies and step by step plans, more process maps that will prove immensely valuable for your business as they have for our success here at OMS3.

We have a full list of bonuses, some you have read about on the salesletter, some will be completely unadvertised, but all will be extremely usfull. Nick, our traffic expert has prepared some advanced traffic generating strategies as well, so we have also some complex materials for those of you rapidly ripping through the first 13 processes.

Look out for my email in the next few days, I will be delivering a full comprehensive list what to expect in the next weeks.

I will talk to you later and I’m looking forward to your comments in the!

Paul Schriner along with
Richard East, and Nick Dunin

[email with the subject: We look forward to bringing you tremendous info…]

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