IMNewswatch is mentioned as a “Helpful Resource for Your Internet Needs and Interests” by ‘The Internet Tips eZine’.

Chris King, Editor of ‘The Internet Tips eZine’ has listed seven “Helpful Resources for Your Internet Needs and Interests” and one of the resources included is IMNewswatch, Internet Marketing News.



Chris says, “In this issue of the Internet Tips E-zine, I am going to share several of the great resources that I use and love. Many I visit often – others only once in awhile. And yes, we can all get caught up in surfing, reading, listening and watching all of the great information available to us on the Intenet. Just choose with time considerations in mind!


Internet Marketing Newswatch, a.k.a. IMNewswatch aims to offer comprehensive news coverage of the Internet Marketing world on both macro and micro levels.

IMNewswatch covers (1) news in important Internet Marketing newsletters/ezines and (2) online news/publications websites.

IMNewswatch does all the tedious and time-consuming work of going through the overabundance of information and news covered in these news sources, aggregating it, filtering it, tracing it back to its original sources for verification and direct quoting, and giving you the cream of the cream. IMNewswatch will keep you informed and up-to-date on all that’s going on in the internet marketing world by making relevant news readily available to you on a daily basis, from macro/industry level, down to individuals, products, services and events (micro-level)”.

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The Internet Marketing Tips eZine

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‘Helpful Resources for Your Internet Needs and Interests’ – The Internet Tips eZine

*IMNewswatch would like to thank Chris King for recognizing the value of IMNewswatch and for contributing to its success.

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