IBM is going to distribute Google Gadgets to enable its users create, customize and use rich Internet applications from within its WebSphere Portal.


The Google Gadgets are available for free to WebSphere Portal and WebSphere Portal Express Version 6.0 customers.

“Users can choose from nearly 4,000 Google Gadgets such as language translators, package delivery tracking, Podcast searches, Wikipedia information, YouTube postings and more”, according to IBM.

Marissa Mayer, Google vice president, Search Products & User Experience, said: “We’re excited to help IBM’s WebSphere Portal enterprise business users provide a truly customized experience for both their internal and external audiences. Mashup-style applications offer great opportunities for small businesses to target. Google Gadgets will allow IBM’s users to harness a wide range of rich and interactive content”. [source]

The IBM Portlet for Google Gadgets will be available in April at

IBM has also announced that its search sitemap utility enables users to optimize publication of portal content for improved search by public search engines.

The IBM search sitemap utility

– notifies search engines of the update frequency

– last modification date, and

– relative priority of the content that is being published.

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