Brandon Branon has Launched ‘Intro To Marketing 101’ Video Tutorial. Brandon says, “With “Intro To Marketing 101” you will get the best of both worlds.You will save money as well as saving the time it would take to go hunt down all of this information in individual form. [Video Tutorial Launch]


Brandon Branon has Launched ‘Intro To Marketing 101’ Video Tutorial.

Sales Letter

‘Intro To Marketing 101’ Video Tutorial sales letter title:

“Watch Over My Shoulder As I Show You Exactly How To Start, Grow, And Profit From Your Own Online Business For Less Than a #11 At Your Local Fast Food Restaurant”

“These Easy-To-Use Videos Will Not Only Give You The Means To Start An Online Business, They’ll Also Teach You How To Grow Your Business 150% Quicker As Well”

“New! Over 2 Full Hours of Video”

Features and Benefits

The sales letter has listed the features and benefits of ‘Intro To Marketing 101’ Video Tutorial.

Brandon says, “ This tell all program will give you need to know information like…

  • Just how easy using your FTP program is. 
  • An in depth explanation of creating a buy now button. 
  • Learn some of the tricks I have discovered myself in Niche Marketing
  • Learn the possible downfall of setting up your domain and hosting through the same provider. 
  • Why targeting your list is so important. 
  • Learn the difference between good and bad competition. 
  • Learn how to build a responsive list. 
  • Learn the advantages of putting an opt in on the sales page. 
  • Discover the ease of making changes to your website, even after it is up and running. 
  • Discover how you can make money off someone else’s product.

A Few other things that you will learn with “Intro To Marketing 101” are…

  • Html editing that anyone could understand.
  • How to decide what to market when your finding a “niche”.
  • How to manage your folders and stay organized to your benefit.
  • Fast, simple, and easy to create a lead capture page.
  • Creating a thank you page, or the page your customer downloads their product.
  • Setting up your own autoresponder.
  • How to correctly upload and view your products online”.
  • Price

    The price of ‘Intro To Marketing 101’ Video Tutorial is: $7

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    ‘Intro To Marketing 101’ Video Tutorial Sales Letter


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