Cody Moya’s article “AdSense and the Importance of Driving Traffic” is reprinted here. [Article]

Cody Moya’s article is reprinted here.

AdSense and the Importance of Driving Traffic

It seems that more and more people are discovering just how great the earnings potential of Google’s AdSense program can be, but turning that potential into cold hard cash can be an intimidating process. It is important for all web site owners to understand how the program works and to work to maximize their earnings while minimizing the amount of time spent in the process.

As more and more people discover the power of AdSense, the amount of competition in the marketplace is likely to grow even fiercer, and it is important for those planning to make money form AdSense revenue to keep up on the latest trends in the industry in order to stay at the head of the pack.

While the earnings potential for AdSense is virtually without limit, the truth is that many web sites do not earn much money at all through the program. Many web sites make less than $5 per month, while others are enjoying revenue numbers in the thousands of dollars.

It is important to learn what these smart web site owners are doing right, and to avoid making many of the mistakes made by others. There are proven strategies for improving click through rates and driving traffic to your site.

Perhaps the most important factor determining AdSense revenue is that of traffic. No web site, no matter how large and elaborate, can make money without traffic, and it is important to know how to drive traffic to the site on a consistent basis.

Let’s take a look at why traffic is so important and how it drives AdSense revenue. Let’s assume a web site receives 100 visitors per day and the average amount paid per click is 10 cents. Let’s further assume that the click through rate is 5%, which is pretty standard. This means that out of those 100 visitors, 5 of them will click your ads. These figures equate to a daily earning of 50 cents, and a mere $15 per month. Depending on the web site, these earnings may not even cover the cost of hosting the web site.

Even a modest goal of $60 or so per month would require a real ratcheting up of web traffic, to at least 400 visitors per day. It is important to know how to drive traffic to your site, and how to use smart strategies to boost those traffic numbers.

There are a number of strategies for driving traffic to the web site, but perhaps the best known is that of SEO, or search engine optimization. SEO techniques can drive more traffic to web sites through the use of highly targeted keyword rich content, linking and other similar strategies.

Another way to drive traffic to a web site is through the use of PPC, or pay per click advertising. This strategy can be an expensive one for those web sites who rely only on AdSense revenue, but it can be a good strategy for those web site owners with a product or service to sell.

Writing quality articles and providing useful content is another great way to boost search engine rankings. Putting articles on your own web site can help Google and other search engines accurately index your site, and writing articles for submission to article directories can help your web site gain the links that help to boost search engine rankings.

When you submit an article to an article directory you can place a link at the bottom of the article. As these articles are picked up by other web sites these links can provide a boost in search engine rankings. When writing articles it is best to focus on those that will be of interest to readers of your own web site.

Posting in forums is another way to provide higher search engine rankings and higher AdSense revenue. Posting in forums focused on the subject of your web site is a good way to get exposure for your web site. Again, posting a link to your web site is a good way to gain both more viewers and more links.

Finally, link exchanges are another way to provide the links that can boost search engine rankings and AdSense revenue. It is a good idea to link with as many other sites that are related to your subject as you can. This strategy can not only help search engine rankings but can provide some extra web site visitors as well.

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