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Where’s The Money? Adsense vs. Affiliate Programs

The main question I get from my clients when coaching them on building content sites is whether they should use Adsense or affiliate programs. It’s a great question, and one that I haven’t seen addressed often. Hopefully this information will help you in making your decision.

My rule of thumb is always go where the money is, always go where the money is, but in making the decision to use Adsense or affiliate programs, there are a few things you should look at.

First, it will depend on your niche. If there is an affiliate program for your niche that converts well and pays well, then you should take the affiliate program route. I’m sure you would rather make dollars than you would cents, so using an affiliate program in this situation would be your best bet.

How do you tell if the affiliate program is a good one or not?

The answer to that question will take some research, but will be well worth your time. The first thing to do is to contact the site owner or affiliate manager and ask what the average conversion rate is for the affiliate program. You could also ask if they have any affiliates that would be willing to email you their experiences with the product.

Once you have the answer to that question, visit a few affiliate marketing forums and ask if anyone has promoted the program before or if they have any experience with the owner or affiliate manager of the site. Usually if it’s a bad program,many people will tell you about it.

Now, if you don’t find any affiliate programs for your niche, then I would use Google Adsense or any of the other programs like it. Always check though to make sure you can’t make more money from something else.

Using this as a guide will help you, but you still must test and track what works best for your site. You could put Adsense ads on your site for a few weeks, and then replace them with affiliate links for a few weeks. See what does better, and use the one that makes you more money. Just remember to keep testing and tracking!

Liz Tomey is the owner of where she reveals several adsense secrets that hundreds of people are using every day to make their sites profitable with Google Adsense ads. Visit her site for the free report “Confessions Of An Adsense Girl”.


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