‘Data Feed File’ beta is going to launch in the middle of June. The site offers data feed solutions for affiliates and merchants, according to the announcement.

‘Data Feed File’ beta is going to launch in the middle of June.

The site offers data feed solutions for affiliates and merchants, according to the announcement.

Data Feed File

The following details are taken from the Data Feed File website:

“DataFeedFile.com (DFF) gathers products and services data from hundreds of Online Stores (merchants), we categorized and process the data together to a usable and searchable database”.

Benefits for Affiliates

– “Affiliates do not need to download any data feed file

– Affiliates do not need to worry about updating any data

– No extra server or hardware needed

– DFF HTML Codes is very easy to use

– DFF HTML Codes Results can be customized using CSS

– Start using HTML codes in less than 5 minutes

– Contextual Matching Product Box

– Shopping Search Engine by Keyword

– Shop using Rebates and Coupons

– Shop by Store

– Shop by Brand

– Most Popular Products for each category

– Most Popular Search Keywords

Benefits for Merchants

– Upload only one data feed

– Serve thousands of affiliates

– Make your data feed immediately usable

– Attract more affiliates and generate more sales

– Detailed reporting”


“All resources and services provided by DFF is provided for any affiliates or webmaster for No Charge (FREE)”.

Pre-Press Release

DataFeedFile.com – Total Data Feed Solutions for Affiliates & Merchants

The usage of data feed file amongst the affiliate industry has increased rapidly. However many affiliates are still having difficulties using data feed files due to its tedious integration process. Some of the challenges affiliates are facing includes programming skill, server and hardware resources, steep learning curve and extra time. Spending time integrating data feed file usualy means time taken away from providing unique affiliate website content.

While individual merchant can provide technical support for their own data feed tools for affiliates, their tools are written only for that specific merchant. Therefore affiliates must learn and integrate data feed tediously one by one.

DataFeedFile.com scripts display aggregated data from up to 1000+ merchants. Affiliates can choose to only display certain merchant’s program or data only. Being capable of displaying consolidated data allow affiliates more flexibilties to provide advanced shopping contents such as price comparison shopping, rebates, coupons, deals and interative banners. DataFeedFile.com can deliver these data using many different technology such as javascript, XML, PHP+XML, ASP+XML, CGI+XML and much more.

DataFeedFile.com is leading the way for our affiliate industry by providing a very valuable tool beneficial for both affiliates, merchants and affiliate networks. Our tools naturaly increase the quality of shopping content for most affiliate sites, therefore increasing traffic, click-throughs and sales.

DataFeedFile.com is free for all affiliates and merchants to use. We never charge affiliates any monies to use our tools. DataFeedFile.com receives compensation by substituting 1 out of every 4 click-throughs with our own affiliate ID (for non free merchant). Merchants can participate for free, but we recommend merchants who would like to attract more affiliates to use our data feed to upgrade to “Free Merchant” program, which means their product links and click-throughs will never be substituted by DFF’s affiliate ID (affiliates will receive 100% compensation).

DataFeedFile.com is currently in beta testing. Our tools and scripts are ready to use. Merchants and affiliates are encouraged to sign-up and start using our data feed tools.

For any question and suggestion please email [email protected]

DataFeedFile.com Staff

About DataFeedFile.com:
DataFeedFile.com was born due to necessity and increasing demand to provide dynamic, useful contents and tools by gathering data feed files from hundreds of merchants in the affiliate industry. DataFeedFile.com has performed most of the initial setup, routine daily chores and painful programming integration steps neccessary in order to use data feed files from hundreds of merchants.

DataFeedFile.com’s mission is to make data feed integration process as easy as possible for all levels of webmastering skills. Most of our tools only require basic understanding of HTML and require only 1 line of HTML/Javascript code to install.

More advanced tools such as XML data delivery and using the XML output into dynamic websites using PHP / JSP / ASP are available compelete with examples. DataFeedFile.com’s technology is a refreshing new tool allowing more impact from affiliates and will help our affiliate industry grow stronger. [PR Submitted to IMNewswatch]


Go to Data Feed File website for more information.

*This newspost contains information submitted by Andrew of DataFeedFile.com





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