Liz Tomey has launched “My Original Products” membership site. The first 500 customers get a monthly package of products with resale and master resale rights.

Liz Tomey has launched My Original Products membership site. The first 500 customers get a monthly package of products with resale and master resale rights.

Sales Letter Title

My Original Products sales letter title is:

“Limited to the first 500 people only…

If You’re Ready To Finally Start Making Money With Resale Rights Products, I Need Just 5 Minutes Of Your Time To Give You All The Information And Tools You’ll Need To Bring In Insane Profits Starting Right Now!

You are being given the chance right now to finally make money online with products you don’t have to create yourself. Take five minutes to read this letter, and change your future right now!”

Features and Benefits

The sales letter has listed the features and benefits of My Original Products. They include:

“All of the products from…

– Are only sold to the first 500 purchasers.

– Are NOT products that I have bought resale rights to. They have all been developed by me.

– Are products that cannot be given away or sold at prices that devalue the product. You cannot tell someone what they can or cannot charge for a product. So instead of doing that, we have made it to where anyone caught selling the product at a price that will devalue the product will never be allowed to sell other products from

– All products come with a ready to go sales letter website, profesionally designed graphics, and the completed product in downloadable format”.

The package has resale rights, complete website and the professional graphics for each of the product. The current products in the package includes:

– The Resale Rights Machine

– Create Your Own Information Products

– Internet Marketing Killers

– The Newbies Guide To Making Money With Blogs

– Squeezing Your List For More Profits

– Niche Health Reports In A Box

The bonus is master resale rights to this collection.

Special Offers

Tomey says, “We offer affiliates $50 commissions, cash bonuses, and since our affiliate program tracks customers for up to 2 years, affiliates will be paid anytime their customer makes a purchase from us”.

The top affiliate commissions is “50% With a cash bonus for top 3 affiliates”.

There is a contest announced on My Original Products blog.

According to the post, “So, to kick off the relaunch of I’m going to be giving away 12 packages to 12 lucky winners. The winners will receive the current package at at no charge!!”


The price of My Original Products is: $97

You can also sign up for “First to Know” list for free.


For more information on My Original Products, click here.

To know more about the contest from the My Original Products blog, click here.





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