Gary McCaffrey has launched “Context Ad Generator”, a software to dynamically transform keywords into affiliate links. McCaffrey is offering it free for a limited time.

Gary McCaffrey has launched Context Ad Generator, a software to dynamically transform keywords into affiliate links. McCaffrey is offering it free for a limited time.

Sales Letter Title

Context Ad Generator sales letter title is:

“Amazing new technology set to change affiliate marketing…

In just a few simple steps, you can turn the text on any of your websites into an instant hands free income stream – Guaranteed!”

Features and Benefits

The sales letter has listed the features and benefits of Context Ad Generator. They include:

– The generated ads are not obvious or blatant and can command a much higher click thru rate than regular PPC (pay-per-click) ads.

– Can be easily integrated into any form of content such as blogs, forums, article sites, public domain material or online books.

– Doesn’t require any special knowledge or skill and can be live on your website within minutes.

– Links open up in a new browser window, keeping your visitors on your site so they get the chance to return, click more ads and earn you more revenue.

– Can be combined with any other PPC advertising programs you use (The more income streams your sites have, the better)

– The links will appear exactly like any other link on your website. If you use style sheets they will follow the same format set out inside it.

– Your visitors ‘ad radar’ isn’t alerted. So they click the links and read the ads with an open mind, meaning more commissions for you.

– Covertly converts the keywords into links without actually modifying the pages source. The links are created ‘on the fly’ the second a visitor lands on the page.

– Protects your websites search engine position and link popularity by covertly disguising every link it creates.

– Tested to work in any browser, so you know everyone who visits your site is seeing and clicking on your new cash generating affiliate links.

– Compatible with any webpage regardless of the language its coded in. Works with html, php, asp and anything else.

– No complicated modifications to your website required. Just insert one snippet of code and your done.

– … plus much much more!”

The Way it Works

“Here’s how it works:

1. Insert the keywords you want transformed into ConTEXT Ad hyperlinks.

2. Insert the affiliate URL you want those links to point to.

3. Copy the provided JavaScript code into your webpage, then sit back, and let the code work its magic”.


The price of Context Ad Generator is free now.

McCaffrey says, “This site is not going to be free forever, there are others charging $37 per month for a similar service, and I plan on making this site a $147 one time fee”.


To sign up for a free account of “Context Ad Generator”, sales letter.





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