Skype has launched Skype 2.0 Beta with video-calling and other new features.

Skype has launched Skype 2.0 Beta. The new version has added features such as video-calling, personalization features.

The video calling feature allows users to view the person they are talking to. It also shows a small window for users to view how they look to the person talking to them.

Additional features such as an intuitive menu, self-expression, and personalization are available along with the new Skype 2.0.

Skype also offers a toolbar for Microsoft Outlook which allows users to call contacts from the MS Outlook address book.

“Skype Video gives users free, high-quality video calling capabilities. Compatible with almost any Webcam, Skype Video is fully integrated into Skype calling, and can be adjusted to provide full-screen video with just one click.” [Source]

Skype has partnered with Logitech and Creative to provide certified webcams which will also be available for purchase on the Skype Store.





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