MSN has collaborated with JibJab to air animated short films on both MSN Video and JibJab. MSN will also sell advertising placements on both.

MSN and JibJab have arrived at an exclusive content relationship and JibJab’s next five new animated shorts will air on both MSN Video and

MSN and JibJab will work together to identify product placement opportunities in future JibJab short films.

MSN advertisers can integrate their brands and products directly into future JibJab shorts.

This will offer a unique branding opportunity for advertisers to reach JibJab fans in an entertaining and relevant way.

Internet audiences have been sharing web links to JibJab video clips with others via e-mail and in a viral manner.

Todd Herman, director of advertising and business strategy for video, movies and TV at MSN, said, “JibJab is rightly recognized as the leader of viral animation videos;

its hip irreverence and equal-opportunity parody is a great match for MSN Video, which provides people with 41 channels of the video news, music and entertainment they want to watch, when they want to watch it.

We are excited to make history with JibJab as we offer brand marketers the first-ever product integration opportunity in a viral video”. [source]

Viewers in the United States can enjoy JibJab’s new film “Big Box Mart”. This film pokes fun at the traits of megasized retail store chains.

To access the film on demand from MSN Video click here.

To access the film on demand from JibJab click here.





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