Online retail merchants including Electronic Retailing Association and eBay have formed an Online Retail Alliance to deal with web-related legislative and technological issues.

Some of the online retail merchants have formed an Online Retail Alliance, ORA, which will be a collective voice for multi-channel marketers, who face legal and technological problems associated with the web.

The members of ORA include: Electronic Retailing Association (ERA), eBay, InterActiveCorp., ShopNBC and Home Shopping Network (HSN.

ORA will tackle problems associated with privacy, sales tax, net nuetrality and the technological changes that affect online business.

The first meeting of ORA will be held on 18th of October in Washington, D.C. to plan the complete strategy for a year. Thereon, they will meet quarterly to talk about the developments.

Barbara Tulipane, CEO and President of ERA, said, “Having been in this industry for quite a while, I’ve never seen a place before for multi-channel marketers to address online topics specifically.

Looking ahead, we all know this will be a very active legislative year for our industry, as there are so many issues that stand to affect our ability to sell products and services to consumers online. I believe ORA is the answer we are looking for to help the online retail industry continue to move forward”. [Source]






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