Matt Cutts, software engineer at Google, has said that Google’s influence has made the world a better place, in Search Marketing Interview.

Search Marketing Newsletter has published an interview with Matt Cutts, software engineer at Google.

While aswering the last question, “What is the most evil thing Google has ever done?”, Matt Cutts says that though he does not agree with all the decisions Google has taken, the world is a better place because of Google’s influence.

“I think the flip side of the “don’t be evil” core value is that people tend to judge Google against ideal behavior instead of against our competition.

That can be frustrating sometimes when it feels like we get dinged for something that is not a Google-only issue, but in general it’s good because we have to set a high bar for ourselves.

I’m proud of what we’ve done, but I think there’s still room for us to do more as an advocate for our users. Does “needing to do even more for our users” count close enough to evil?” [source]

Matt Cutts also talks about his blog. He mentions his response to Red Herring that has reported a quote of his that sounds weird, out of context.

“By the way, there’s another quote from me in that Red Herring story: “If you view ads as a necessary evil, it will color the experience.” What I was trying to say is that Google doesn’t view ads as a necessary evil to make money.

We view showing ads as another type of search-one in which relevancy is just as important as web search. To me, ads shouldn’t be this unwanted thing you have to show on the side of your site; for many searches, the ads can be just as helpful as organic search results, and we should always try to make ads a useful service to our users, not just a “necessary evil”.” [source]

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