American Online has released details of its Ad Campaign which was launched in August.

American Online has released some details of its Ad Campaign which is designed to draw attention to specific sites and services of AOL.

AOL hired OMD for designing the online campaign and OMD for its media related activities.

Advertisements that were created to bring to light specific sites and services of AOL were grouped into four themes.

1. Entertaimnent
2. Finding News and Information
3. Convenience and getting things done
4. Connecting with Others

The advertisements produced for each of these themes will talk about the features related to that theme.

Until end of this year, these advertisements will be displayed in roughly 100 sites.

The advertisements designed for the different themes will run in CNET and eBay and category-specific ads will run in iFilm and the

AOL hired [Source] to take care of the offline campaigns like print, broadcast and outdoor formats. These advertisements are intended to those who may not be online every day. [Source]

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