ClickZ has reported that Yahoo is going to launch two new keyword discovery tools.

ClickZ has reported that Yahoo! is testing Buzz Index and Search Share of Voice, advanced keyword discovery tools, and is going to launch them soon.

According to the ClickZ report, “The company has been quietly beta testing two new tools with 10 to 15 of Yahoo!’s top advertisers and agencies for the past two months”.

Jason Lehmbeck, director of strategic alliances at Yahoo! Search Marketing, said, “People tend to get boxed in with search, because they think of it as just a title and description”.

According to Lehmbeck, search can be used to find data related to number of email addresses captured, time spent on site, number of pages viewed, and offline conversions.

To use it, marketers enter a desired keyword and see related searches made by panel members. The information can be broken down by gender age, state or major city.

Search share of voice measures the share of overall searches on a keyword or topic for a particular brand and useful for marketers to identify their brand rank.

MSN has promised such detail with its adCenter product, which it launched this week in France and last month in Singapore.

According to Joseph Doran, MSN’s senior director of monetization, using MSN technology, “men searching for “roses” might see ads for florists’ Web sites, while women may see gardening-supply store ads”.







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