Tacoda has launched its behaviorally-driven online advertising network of 800 websites.

Tacoda has announced that it has launched its behaviorally-driven online advertising network. The network consists of over 800 individual websites reaching more than 60 million unique users.

Tacoda is a provider of behaviorally-targeted online advertising solutions. It has launched a network now with a special focus on behaviorally-driven ads.

Some of the participants running behaviorally targeted campaigns of Tacoda include: Delta, TGIFridays, Radisson, Western Union and eBay.

According to Tacoda, based on these early participants’ experience, over two-thirds of TACODA Audience Networks branding campaigns have been renewed.

Curt Viebranz, TACODA’s President, said in a press release, “TACODA’s providing advertisers a unique way to engage just the audience they want to reach in a single buy in quiet, well lit environments and without any waste”.

Mandi Adamo, VP of Client Services for Pinpoint Interactive Media, said in the same press release, “TACODA Audience Networks is enabling a number of our clients to costeffectively engage the consumers they want to reach, and does so in uncluttered, trusted online environment. We’ve seen strong results and are continually renewing campaigns”.

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