Google has enhanced Google Video to make it more accessible with better viewing facilities.

Google has announced in a press release that it is introducing several new enhancements to Google Video. Accordig to Google, this will improve the overall viewing experience of playable content.

Google Video enables users to view videos online without downloading any Google software.

According to Google, the new features added has made Google Video,

“More Accessible: Users running Macintosh and Linux (in addition to Windows) can now watch videos on Google Video using a variety of web browsers, including Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari”.

The enhanced Google Video also offers,

“Better Viewing: Users can now watch videos in a larger viewing window that is resizable to fit their browser”.

And the viewers can have

“More Control: Google Video now includes user controls for play, pause, skip back, skip forward, position timeline with slider, and volume control”.

In addition the enhancement enables,

“Faster Searching and Viewing: Large thumbnail video “snippets” enable users to play 10-second previews of videos that are available for playback right on their results page”.

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