Google will streamcast the TV premiere of Chris Rock’s new comedy “Everybody Hates Chris”.

Google has announced in a Press Release, “Today UPN and Google are announcing an exclusive online screening of the critically acclaimed series premiere of “Everybody Hates Chris.” This is the first time Google users can watch an episode of a brand new television show on Google Video”.

Google will do this through its video service, Google Video. Google Video service offers the facility for users to upload home videos. Google indexes the videos and makes them available online.

Peter Chane, senior business product manager for Google Video, has reported that Google is offering this as a test to find out “how many users want to watch the show on the internet if they didn’t watch it on television”.

The video is available as an on-demand stream and it is not copied onto computers.

To Watch “Everybody Hates Chris” on Google Video click here.






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