Google, on its seventh birthday, has announced the expansion of Google search index.

Anna Patterson, Software Engineer, has announced in Google Blog “For our seventh birthday, we are giving you a newly expanded web search index that is 1,000 times the size of our original index”.

Anna has listed the accomplishments of Google that include, web search based on Google Founders, Larry and Sergey’s original BackRub search engine, specialized search for everything from satellite images to academic papers, local business info to user’s computer.

Anna mentions software for email and mobile services, photo management and computer-to-computer voice calling and ends by saying these are “to name just a few things”.

According to Anna, search is close to Google’s heart and the expansion of Google Index “makes Google more than 3 times larger than any other search engine”

Anna invites the users to check out the results for themselves. “Come up with a search query that’s special to you (your name, your elementary school, and your favorite animal, for example) – a combination of words that is likely to exist on just a few web pages out of the billions we’ve indexed, a few needles scattered in the Internet’s endless haystack”.

To check out the expansion of Google Index click here.

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