Google has awarded $155,000 as prizes for Google Code Jam 2005 contest and Marek Cygan is the Top Coder.

Google organized a contest for programmers with a total prize money of $155,000.

Google awarded a student of Warsaw University, Marek Cygan, with the grand prize of $10,000. This year 14,500 top programmers from around the world participated and this is double the number of last year’s entries.

Marek Cygan, from Poland, was one among the 100 finalists selected from the 14,500 entries. He received an all expense paid trip to the Googleplex in Mountain View, California. He won the title of Top Coder and $10,000 as prize.

Second and third place winners, Erik-Jan Krijgsman of the Netherlands, and Petr Mitrichev of Russia, received $5000 each.

Last year’s winner was Argentinean student, Sergio Sancho, who competed against 7,500 others.

Google site announces the contest as: “Not only will you be in your glory of coding, but there are prizes for it too! It’s more than just $155,000 but a chance to work for the hottest tech company, Google”.

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