Silverpop has surveyed 175 retailers’ email campaigns and has published a report, “2005 Retail Email Marketing Study”.

Silverpop’s “2005 Retail Email Marketing Study” has compared message content and creative design of 175 major retailers’ email campaigns.

Their findings include:

Most marketers don’t use common email features such as personalization, dynamic content and advanced layout/design.

Personalization was used in less than 5 percent of emails and 27 percent of messages did not call for a specific action.

Only 25 percent of messages included a discount offer and less than 20 percent persuaded recipients to buy an item for an event or holiday.

A majority of messages had a postcard-style layout, with a single large image. They had not exploited the image blocking in email software.

About 1 to 21 messages were sent in one month.

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