Airgo Networks, will be releasing Multiple Input Multiple Output, MIMO, a new wireless technology for Internet Television with high resolution video programs.

Greg Raleigh, the chief executive of Airgo Networks, a Silicon Valley technology company has announced that the company has developed a high speed wireless technology for computers. The company has given the name of third-generation True MIMO, Multiple Input Multiple Output, to the wireless chip.

Greg Raleigh says that the new wireless chip has “broken the wire speed barrier” and will be available later this year. He says, “Basically, this changes everything by removing the reason to stay wired”.

According to Greig this new technology operates at as much as 240 megabits a second. This will surpass standard Wi-Fi rates and wired Ethernet networks, which operate at a speed of 100 megabits per second.

It is said that through this chip it is possible to send high resolution video programmes wirelessly to various types of screens of varying sizes and it will help in improving the quality of internet television.

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