Pandora builds up streams of music based on user’s stated preference for an artist or a song.

Pandora Media, formerly known as Savage Beast Technologies, has been getting music analyzed by musicians and has made a collection of 10,000 artists and 300,000 songs.

According to Pandora, the analysts have rated each song across 400 musical traits including melody, harmony, rhythm, orchestration, and lyrics. When users state their preference for a song or artist, Pandora offers them a collection of songs similar to their preference.

Listening to the songs is free for the first 10 hours of Pandora.

Subscriptions are available in two different flavors:
ANNUAL: 12 months of unlimited use for $36
QUARTERLY: 3 months of unlimited use for $12

Pandora’s FAQ states,
“When you create a station from an artist, we search the Music Genome Project for information about that artist’s music. Then we find other artists and songs that have similar musical qualities, so that we can play you a continuous stream of music. We’ll play some songs by the artist you entered, but part of the idea behind Pandora is to introduce you to great stuff from other artists that we think you’ll like.”

Enjoy your favourite music with Pandora.

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