Cody Moya launches a Membership Site offering its members public domain ebooks.

Cody Moya is launching a PrivateLabelBooks(PLB) Membership Site. Members get to download three, ready-to-sell public domain ebooks every month.

PrivateLabelBooks sales letter title: “Who Else Wants To Take The Advantage of Public Domain and Market your Own Instant Products-Without Having to Write One Word Yourself?”

Cody Moya’s list of uses of public domain ebooks include: Electronically publish material found in the Public Domain, change the format and create an entirely new product, add content to websites, create special reports and create multi-part email training course.

According to Cody Moya the membership benefits are:
Hundreds keywords every month to instantly drive targeted traffic, two sales letters for each book, two sales letter templates for every book, 35 editable header graphics, 5 editable background images, 5 editable button templates, 4 graphic video tutorials, 6 website templates, Internet Marketing basics videos, step-By Step Online Video coaching tutorials, Internet Marketing Guide(308 page book), Guide to Free Traffic, Viral Marketing Guide and Residual Income Streams Guide.

PrivateLabelBooks is similar to Russell Brunson’s The Lost Files

The main differences between the two products are the following:
Cody Moya offers three ebooks every month. Russell offers two.
Cody Moya offers two sales letters. Russel offers one.
The membership for Russell’s site costs $27 per month, but the site has imposed a cap on its membership and new members are no longer being accepted.

Cody Moya’s is launching his site August 30 but there is a facility to sign up in advanace.

For more information on PrivateLabelBooks click here.

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