Coty’s Lancaster Group division ran a commercial on Vogue magazine’s Internet site before airing the same ad on television.

Cosmetics maker Coty Inc. has launched the commercial for its new fragrance ‘Lovely’ with actress Sarah Jessica Parker online. Dennis Keogh, Lancaster’s vice president of U.S. marketing says, “It was a tactic to get higher visibility and to tap into different media”.

The “Lovely” campaign has lead to a discussion of “integrated marketing”. This term refers to mutually supporting media specific commercial messages.

Arthur Ceria, executive creative director at WPP interactive agency says, “The true part of integration is being iconic, using the best platform you have at your disposal and reaching people unexpectedly”.

Elizabeth Stafford of says, “It speaks to how far we’ve come as a medium that it’s important enough to run it first on the Internet”. According to him, several luxury goods marketers were planning online campaigns ahead of the September fashion shows.

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