Armand Morin has launched Focus Generator, a focus popup generator software aimed at getting the attention of site visitors using attractive-looking popups.

Armand Morin and Tracy Childers have launched a new software called Focus Generator.

Focus Generator sales letter defines the software as “a new technology which will allow you to get past popup blockers with simple to create embedded images which captivate your prospects and instantly gets their attention to FOCUS on your marketing message.”

Focus Generator sales letter title: “Why Would You Continue To Use Old, Outdated and Overrated Technology To Try To Make Your Prospects Stand Up and Pay Attention… Especially When There’s a More Effective and Better Way? New Technology Allows You To Create Unlimited Cash Generating ‘FOCUS’ Popups ANYTIME You Want With Only A Few Clicks Of Your Mouse!”

Armand’s list of Focus Generator uses include: up selling, cross selling, reminders, important notices, announcements, postcards, thought of the day, sweepstakes, affiliate promotions and daily tips.

Focus Generator is similar to another product in the market called Instant Attention. The main difference between the two products is the following:
Focus Generator is a stand alone application that costs a one-time payment of $97 with no monthly fees whereas Instant Attention is a subscription-based solution.

For more information on Focus Generator click here.

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