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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

GENI: Future of Internet

The U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) has proposed Global Environment for Networking Investigations or GENI to improve the next generation internet with built-in security and functionality. […]  [...]

NextWeb Buys 1st Universe

NextWeb is buying 1st Universe, its competitor in the Southern California fixed-wireless broadband market. […]  [...]

Google Adds Mobile Sitemaps

Google has modified its Sitemaps program to take in website URLs of all sizes including Mobile Sitemaps. […]  [...]

Coremetrics Search Released

Coremetrics Search, a paid solution for creating, managing and optimizing pay-per-click marketing campaigns across multiple search engines has been released. […]  [...]

Ad-ID Records Gains

Ad-ID, an XML based ad coding standard, is increasingly being used by marketers and companies. […]  [...]

TV Program Ads On Google and Yahoo

Several TV networks put up sponsored links in search engines like Google and Yahoo to promote their programs. […]  [...]

Customized Online Games for Retailers

Customized online games like automobile race are being developed to market products. […]  [...]

Search Engines Baidu First and Google Second In China

Baidu is the search engine used by half of the Chinese, Google is second and Yahoo is fifth. […]  [...]

Pandora Online Radio Stations

Pandora builds up streams of music based on user’s stated preference for an artist or a song. […]  [...]

Yahoo Mail: New Search Functions

Yahoo has announced introduction of new search functions for the company’s free web based email service. […]  [...]

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