Wednesday, September 17, 2014
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In 2011, Phil became publisher of IM News Watch, the leading online source of internet marketing news. Since then, he has been dedicated to building the value IM News Watch provides to merchants, advertising agencies and consultants involved in marketing products and services on the internet.

Prior to IM News Watch, Phil was an internet merchant and consultant himself, as well as an avid student of the technology and processes of marketing on the internet.

For the majority of his business career (39 years), Phil was in management of software development at IBM, creating and managing several major web-based products IBM still uses in managing its human resources.

Phil’s educational career includes graduate work in Mathematics, computer science and theology. He has extensive experience in classical choral music, as well.

Phil’s family includes his wife of many years, Carolyn, three sons, Matthew (and wife, DeAnna), Mark (and wife, Katie) and John, and two grandchildren (Levi and Trey) and more to come.
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