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Tuesday, December 18, 2018
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Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
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Archive for the ‘ Curmudgeon’s Corner ’ Category

Stupid Marketer Tricks, #7

If there’s anything that will annoy a potential customer, it’s filling up their inbox with redundant content. We just unsubscribed from a mailing list that regularly sent 7 emails every day. Perhaps we are more sensitive than most because we monitor so many marketing teams, but more than one email from a marketer a day […]

How can I become successful online?

On the Quora website, someone asks, “What are your 10 laws of making money online?” I think all our readers would be interested in this topic so I have written a response. The first point is that the online laws are about the same as the offline laws. For example, persuasive writing is about the […]

What To Focus On When Optimizing Your Emails

When it comes to digital marketing, to succeed, businesses need to leverage all available content platforms. And email marketing is central to that effort because, unlike social media platforms where your message can be viewed fleetingly in the newsfeed, your email message gets delivered directly to your target audience’s inbox. As a result, if they […]

Stupid Marketer Tricks, #6

As you may know, many marketers of information products seek affiliates to help them sell their products. The idea is that these affiliates reach new prospective customers (at no cost to the product developer), customers that the developer would otherwise not reach, and, consequently, sales would rise. To attract affiliates into the sales campaign, the […]

Follow @pcullum on Twitter

If you are an online marketer, it’s worth your while to follow me (@pcullum) on Twitter. On the IM NewsWatch website, we typically cover 30 news items daily, all intended to help you be more successful online. Due to our publication deadline, that’s about all we can manage. In my Tweetstream on Twitter, though, I […]

Creating Customer Personas

It’s an old marketing adage that you must know your customers if you are going to succeed. Without this knowledge, you won’t know: • What products and services to offer • What prices to charge • Where to advertise • How to write persuasive sales copy and • You’ll be flying blind for a lot […]

Screens of Death Decoded

Many of us use MS Windows in our business. Occasionally we fall victim to the dreaded Blue Screen of Death or BSOD. Our computer is frozen, our in-process work is lost, and there’s nothing left for us but to re-boot our computer and hope for the best. We just learned that Microsoft has a whole […]

When marketing gets you down

Whatever your job there are times when things aren’t going well. You aren’t seeing the progress you hoped for and are wondering if things will ever get better. Solopreneur online marketers feel this more often that most, I suspect. We often work alone we don’t really know our customers or our suppliers and some days […]

Coming back from a marketing mistake

Marketers are human, after all. We want to look like flawless experts to our clients, but we know that surface appearance usually looks better than reality. What happens when the reality becomes known, and it’s not flattering? One recent case occurred in Australia. The Asos online fashion store printed 17,000 bags and there was a […]

If Google ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy

We just noticed (a little late) that effective October, 2017 Google has taken action to build a more secure web by using their 50% share of the browser market to warn their Chrome customers whenever they visit a site that doesn’t have an SSL certificate. Fortunately, it didn’t impact us because we have had an […]