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Friday, December 14, 2018
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Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
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Archive for the ‘ Google Analytics ’ Category

Guide to set up Google Analytics for WordPress

Google Analytics helps you identify the sources of web traffic to your WordPress website and to keep it growing. HubSpot columnist Kristen Baker has shared a five step guide to hep you set up Google Analytics for WordPress. Baker says, “Depending on the Google Analytics plugin you choose, set up may differ slightly. The WordPress plugin library has […]

Improve your content marketing with Google Analytics

Content marketing success depends on multiple elements and one of them is the right way to evaluate your content and keep improving it. Search Engine Land contributor Marcus Miller has shared an useful article on how to improve content marketing with Google Analytics. Miller says, “Organic search is still one of the best ways to […]

Tip to filter spam, bots and junk traffic in Google Analytics

Google Analytics helps you discover the sources of traffic to your websites. To get the real view of it you need to understand how to filter the traffic that comes from authentic sources. MOZ columnist Carlos Escalera has shared some useful tips to filter spam, bots and junk traffic in Google Analytics. Escalera says, “Most users […]

Headway Capital’s Small-Business Guide to Google Analytics

Headway Capital’s Jennifer Gueringer has published ‘Small-Business Guide to Google Analytics’ in infographics format. It offers an in-depth view of the Google Analytics platform. Gueringer says, “Google Analytics can seem complicated and intimidating for a first time user. But with a solid foundation in the basics of Google Analytics, you’ll be able to progress to […]

Impact of GDPR on Google Analytics and Online Marketing

MOZ columnist Angela Petteys has highlighted the ways European Union’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) will affect the Google Analytics and online marketing as a whole. Petteys says, “If you use Google Analytics, Google is your data processor and since they handle data from people all over the world, they’ve had to take steps to become compliant […]

Tips to get accurate data using Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an important tool that helps brands and marketers identify the sources of their web traffic and develop the strategies to get more visitors. Econsultancy columnist Tim Morris has shared some useful tips for marketers to filter out spam traffic to get accurate data using Google Analytics. Morris says, “Google is actually very good […]

Google Analytics to feature four new features for better measurement

Google Analytics is going to add four new features to provide webmasters better ways to measure their site performance. The new features will allow them to focus on users in reporting, measure lifetime metrics and dimensions for every user, reach users most likely to convert and more. On how to focus on users in the […]

MOZ’s Guide to Direct Traffic in Google Analytics

MOZ columnist Tom Bennet has published the Complete Guide to Direct Traffic in Google Analytics. This guide is aimed at helping marketers and webmasters understand the ways they can analyze sources of direct traffic using Google Analytics. Bennet says, “When it comes to direct traffic in Analytics, there are two deeply entrenched misconceptions. The first is that […]

Google Data Studio now offers quicker and broader access to data

The Data Studio allows users to turn their data into informative reports and dashboards that are easy to read. Google keeps adding more and more features to it including various report formats. Now Data Studio can be used to prepare embedded reports also so that users can publish the reports directly on their sites. Talking about […]

Here’s what you should know about Google Analytics metrics

Google Analytics is one of the most powerful web analytics applications that help marketers strategies their marketing efforts. Various Google Analytics metrics help us make right decisions. Marketing Land contributor Stephen Murphy has shared the details of four deceptive Google Analytics metrics which should be considered with care. Murphy says, “For retailers, popular KPIs include Conversion Rate, […]