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Wednesday, December 12, 2018
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Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
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Archive for the ‘ Customer Relationship Management ’ Category

Enhance your holiday customer service with these tips

Serving our customers well is one of the most important things that we want to do as it leads our organization to growth. The holiday season brings us a lot of rush and in it we need to meet the expectations of our customers. Forrester analyst Ian Jacobs has shared some useful tips on emphasizing […]

Five things you should know about CLV

With rising competition in all the business segments, the brands are becoming concerned about the customer lifetime value (CLV). The CLV reflects the net profit attributed to the entire future relationship with a customer. Econsultancy columnist Patricio Robles has shared five things every marketer should know about the CLV. Robles says, “While CLV scores seem sensible in theory, […]

MOZ highlights the local customer service ecosystem of 2019

MOZ columnist Miriam Ellis has highlighted the key trends of the local customer service ecosystem in 2019. Ellis says, “It’s so much more than the face-to-face interactions of one staffer with one shopper. Rather, it’s a commitment to becoming an always-on resource that is accessible to people whenever, wherever and however they need it. A Google rep […]

Three tips to improve customer experience

Customer is the king and your need to keep them happy with the right treatment. Customer retention can be met only by delivering the efficient customer experience. Entrepreneur contributor Tiffany Delmore has shared three customer experience tips based on the way Apple, Hulu, Amazon and Netflix deliver their customer experience. Delmore says, “Many executives worry […]

Forbes shares 13 tactics to strengthen customer relationships

Customer satisfaction is the key to growth of an organization. It is one of the most important things that the brands wish to achieve. The Forbes Agency Council has shared thirteen tactics to help businesses build lasting customer relationships. The Forbes team says, “We asked a panel of Forbes Agency Council members about the most impressive relationship […]

‘How to Leverage Conversational Marketing Events in the Customer Life Cycle’ Webinar 2.00 pm EDT

Content Marketing Institute is hosting a webinar on ‘How to Leverage Conversational Marketing Events in the Customer Life Cycle’ on Wednesday, October 24 at 2.00 pm EDT. The CMI team says, “Different stages of the customer journey often require different approaches. How are you continuing an insight-based, customer-centric conversation throughout the customer journey from prospect to […]

Chatbots vs. live chat – here’s what you should know

Most businesses are using some or the other form of communication methods to improve their customer service. After live chat the adoption of chatbots is on the rise. Business 2 Community contributor Jared Cornell has shared some useful facts on using chatbots or live chat for the customer service. Cornell says, “There’s a reason why […]

Four ways to improve customer loyalty using personalized emails

Customer acquisition and retention are the most important things that an organization seeks to achieve. Communication plays the vital role in doing so. Business 2 Community columnist Katie Sweet has shared four ways you can use personalized emails to improve customer loyalty. Katie says, “In this blog post, I’ll describe four main ways you can […]

Enhance your business with these support channels

Keeping your customers satisfied is one of the best ways to retain them and keep your business growing. The support channels that you choose play a pivotal role in doing this task. Shopify contributor Sarah Blackstock has shared five essential support channels that can help your business grow. Blackstock says, “Certain tools can handle a […]

Five benefits of automated customer sare

Customer care remains at the core of any business. It helps you keep customers happy and keep coming. You can achieve greater branding benefits with great customer care. In the improved artificial intelligence (AI) prevalence, you can automate the customer care efforts. ReadWrite contributor Fang Cheng has shared five benefits businesses can achieve by automating […]